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The House will vote on a budget (H.Con.Res. 71) this week that would open the door for Congress to make massive cuts to federal retirement, health benefits and take away the social security supplement. 

Specifically, the budget legislation that will be voted on as early as Wednesday mandates that the House Oversight and Government Reform (OGR) Committee to find at least $32 billion in savings from programs falling under their jurisdiction.  Given that just about all the mandatory spending controlled by this committee involve federal worker pensions and benefits, that is where lawmakers would look for the cuts.   

This is a part of the budget reconciliation process intended to ultimately pave the way for consideration and passage of a tax reform package being pushed by the Trump Administration and the Congressional Republican leadership.  In other words, House Republican leaders intend to partially offset a tax package that largely benefits the wealthiest Americans and corporations with savings resulting from federal pensions and benefits.  The Senate will consider their own budget over the next few weeks.


  1. Call your U.S. Representatives where you live and work: Oppose H. Con Res 71 (House Budget Resolution) if any cuts to federal benefits or retirement!  This is scheduled for a vote this week!
  2. Call your U.S. Senators: Demand no cuts to fed benefits or retirement in the Budget Resolution!  The Senate is working on this bill now.  Call today!

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