Shreveport VA Makes Great Organizing Strides in August


As Locals all around the country continue to build new membership in concert with NFFE’s Organizing Donation program, FL 1956, a VA hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana partnered with the National Office to host an organizing drive that propelled the local to significant membership gains in August.

Under the leadership of local interim President Cassandra Buckhanan and in collaboration with NFFE National Staff and Council officers, FL 1956 hosted multiple events to talk with potential members about the benefits of joining and to sign up new unionists.

And the local’s efforts paid off; in August alone, FL 1956 put on 27 new members! NFFE National President Randy Erwin, National VA Council President Jeff Shapiro, Business Representative Liz Pittaluga, as well as two members of NFFE’s organizing team, Bridget Fitzgerald and Chris Casteel were on hand August 30 to assist the local’s dedicated organizing team.

“Cassandra and her team bring great energy to the local and it’s showing in the way that it’s growing. The members have a new respect for what the union does for them, and the bargaining unit is starting to appreciate the benefits of membership,” remarked NFFE Organizing Director Bridget Fitzgerald.

Taking home first and second place in NFFE’s August organizing awards has only fueled the local to continue its efforts to organize. With events already scheduled for November, FL 1956 plans to get a jump start on building membership in 2018.

If you’re interested in growing your local’s membership and strengthening the voice of workers at your agency, it’s not too late to reach out for support. The NFFE National Office is always willing to strategize and collaborate with engaged locals looking for additional resources and support. Don’t wait to contact NFFE at (202) 216-4420 to learn how you can be a part of our exciting efforts to grow!

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