NFFE Member Update: Shutdown Threat Pushed Back to Dec. 21st


Shutdown Threat Pushed Back to Dec. 21st 

Ah, Washington in December.  It is a special place where one can feel winter’s gentle embrace amidst the jingle of charity bells and glistening lights that brighten red-bowed wreaths …and it’s where some federal workers fear a lump of coal in their stockings this year.

While Congress was right to halt spending discussions this week in honor of the late president and American icon George H.W. Bush, the move set up a potential disaster for federal workers whose agencies are still in limbo over 2019 funding.  President Trump is pitting himself against the Congress, threatening to allow the government to partially shut down if he does not receive $5 billion for construction of a border wall with Mexico.

Agencies with full 2019 funding do not have to worry about the Grinch stealing Christmas (VA, Energy, Defense, Labor, HHS, Education) but for agencies still waiting (USDA, Interior, HUD, EPA, DHS, and many small agencies) the threat remains real.  If you are in the latter group, you may want to plan ahead.  You will get paid for any work performed up to Friday Dec. 21st, but additional paychecks may be delayed.  NFFE is working hard to prevent unnecessary financial hardship to workers and their families this holiday season.  We will keep you informed.

2019 Pay Raise Held Up

The 1.9% across the board pay raise for federal workers is included in the unfinished set of appropriations bills in conference between the House and Senate.  NFFE is working with congressional appropriators to get the pay increase passed along with measures to keep agencies funded into the next year.   

Quick Reminder: Open Season Ends Monday!  Don’t wait if you need to make any changes to your benefits options. 

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