NFFE President Erwin and IAM International President Martinez Join Forces to Save 573 Red River Army Depot Workers


This week, NFFE and IAM workers at the Red River Army Depot (RRAD) in Texarkana, Texas joined forces with NFFE President Erwin and IAM International President Martinez to stop 573 layoffs planned for early May due to a workload decrease at the Depot.  The layoffs are scheduled to affect 170 federal employees and 403 IAM civilian defense contractors, impacting families and the regional economy.  

The joint effort is aimed at Capitol Hill, regional government, and the many businesses that rely on a vibrant workforce at RRAD, which pumps over $2 billion into the regional economy.  The reason for the downturn in workload at RRAD is unexplained, leaving RRAD command and workers asking questions, because all other indicators show that the demand is still heavy for RRAD military vehicle production programs. 

In a series of letters to Congress, IAM President Martinez and NFFE President Erwin call upon all senators, representatives, state and local officials, and members of the Texarkana business community to join the effort to stabilize the workload immediately.  

“We request your assistance in demanding that the Department of Defense take immediate action to protect workload and provide RRAD command with the necessary approval and authority to avert these needless and harmful layoffs,” stated a letter to Congress dated March 20, 2018.  “If not, the impact on the Texarkana area, including its economy and communities, will not go unnoticed.”

Joint IAM-NFFE Letter to Congressional Delegates