President Biden Sends Thank You Letter to Feds Ahead of State of the Union Address

biden SotU

March 4, 2022

This week, President Joe Biden wrote a letter to the federal workforce thanking them for their dedication and service to the country ahead of his State of the Union Address. In his letter, the President showed his appreciation for federal employees throughout the challenges of the last year, including the pandemic, climate change, and economic troubles.

“The strength of any organization rests in its people. Your capabilities and dedication are what make the Federal Government strong and ensure we deliver the basic needs for everyday Americans,” wrote the President. “As we look to the year ahead, we must build on the innovations and technologies that we put to work serving the American people throughout the pandemic, making our government more efficient, resilient, and effective. Thank you for your service and sacrifices, and that of your family. Your talents could have taken you many places, but you chose to serve our country. I am forever grateful, and with your continued dedication and leadership, I have never been more optimistic for the future of America.”

The Biden-Harris Administration has been a strong advocate for the federal workforce since taking office in January of 2021. In the last year, the Administration has worked to restore civil service protections, union rights, and the basic norms of our democratic government. The President has also fought for the and the expansion of telework and a safe return to the worksite during the pandemic. He implemented a $15/hour minimum wage for all federal employees, including wildland firefighters, and led the creation of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act which will make critical investments needed for federal employees.

“NFFE is grateful for the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to strengthening the federal workforce,” said NFFE National President Randy Erwin. “President Biden has accomplished a lot in his first year in office and we were pleased to have input on many of the goals he set out to fulfill for the civil service. With that being said, there are still significant improvements that the President wants to address during his time in the White House. NFFE will continue to work with the Administration to ensure our members have their voices heard regarding additional changes that can be implemented from the President.”