Tell Congress to Support the Red River Army Depot with Repair Work on MPFS and HMMWV Vehicles


August 16, 2021

NFFE is calling on Team Red River to contact their representatives in Congress to urge them to provide work contracts to the Red River Army Depot, specifically on rebuilding Mobile Protective Fire Systems (MPFS) and High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV). NFFE is working tirelessly on Capitol Hill to bring awareness to this request for work, but everyone’s support at RRAD is needed.

RRAD is the ideal installation for the MPFS repair and production project through its nationally recognized Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence, Accelerated Readiness Center, and stellar workforce. Because the installation infrastructure already exists, RRAD is ready immediately to begin this new project.

RRAD seeks another project: To rebuild additional HMMWV’s to like-new condition. The HMMWV is being slowly phased out and replaced by the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV). Even so, the Army recently approved a contract to purchase 6500 new HMMWVs. RRAD is the Army’s premiere and only qualified HMMWV maintenance facility in the world. RRAD has the expertise and capabilities on-site, and it has many HMMWVs parked and ready for refurbishing at RRAD for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new HMMWVs. 

The Four States Region (SW Arkansas, NE Texas, NW Louisiana, SE Oklahoma) heavily depends on RRAD for economic sustenance. RRAD injects over $2 billion into this economy and provides over 14,000 direct and indirect jobs. As such, NFFE strongly encourages everyone at RRAD to contact their Congressional representatives and tell them to consider the Depot’s request for these projects.

Use NFFE’s Action Network to contact your representatives with a letter HERE.