Congratulations to the fastest growing NFFE-IAM locals for July 2021!

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Dear NFFE-IAM Members:

A big congratulations goes out to NFFE Locals FL 273, CE 5, FL 1953, FL 1945, and FL 642.

Every day in Washington, DC, your union is fighting to improve the lives of NFFE-IAM members throughout the country.

Our ability to improve pay, benefits, and working conditions at the bargaining table and in the halls of Congress depends on a strong dues-paying membership. It is only dues-paying members that provide the resources for NFFE not only to represent, but to collectively engage in the fight for, a better future for working people everywhere.

That is why I am so proud to honor NFFE’s most successful membership building locals for the month of July 2021 with these Organizing Excellence Awards. Here are the winners:

With this recognition, we honor both the locals that received the greatest number of new members and the locals that grew by the greatest percentage over the course of the month.

Again, congratulations to all the locals that won the Organizing Excellence Award for July 2021. Your commitment to growing the union during such trying times is making the lives of the employees we represent better. Thank you for all the hard work you are doing to make this impressive membership growth possible.

These Organizing Excellence Awards will be issued monthly to NFFE’s most successful membership building locals. Please make sure that all 1187 forms and/or IAM membership forms are sent to NFFE so that your local will be given proper credit for its membership building success. Forms can be emailed to (this is the preferred method), faxed to 202-898-1861, or mailed to NFFE HQ at 1225 New York Ave., NW; Suite 450: Washington, D.C. 20005.

Please contact NFFE Organizing Director Ethan West ( if your local would like assistance building membership.

Again, congratulations to the Organizing Excellence Award winners – NFFE Locals FL 273, CE 5, FL 1953, FL 1945, and FL 642.


Randy Erwin
National President
National Federation of Federal Employees


Since the dissemination of the original email a correction was made to the percentage growth number for FL642. The updated figure seen above and on the Organizing page still allows for FL642 to remain in the third-place position for the month.