Temporary Seasonal Wildland Firefighters – We Want YOU!


NFFE was proud to lead the campaign that won health insurance benefits for wildland firefighters and their families for the first time ever last year. We wanted to share with you some key information on who’s eligible, how to sign up, and how to contact your local union representative.

Visit our Wildland Firefighters’ page at www.nffe.org/firefighters to learn all about the new regulation and how you can get insured. You can also look at our fact sheet explaining the new opportunities available to temporary seasonal firefighters.

We were proud to get this win, but our work is not yet done. Now, we need your help.

If we want to secure the gains we’ve made and continue to push forward, we need you to become a member of our union. We would be honored to call you our brother or sister. To join, contact your Local NFFE representative.

Click Here to Visit the NFFE Wildland Firefighters’ page