From the Desk of the Legislative Director: NFFE Position Papers


Brothers and Sisters,

Monday, May 13th is the start of the 2013 IAM Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. We will have NFFE-IAM members from across the country on Capitol Hill all week lobbying lawmakers on the issues that impact federal employees and working families. 

There have been numerous anti-federal worker legislative proposals put forth again this year in Congress, proposals that would force lay-offs, cut pay, eliminate pensions, strip official time, and force furloughs of federal workers.  These are just a few of the threats that federal employees are facing as Congress tries to balance the federal budget on the backs of hardworking federal employees instead of pursuing a fair and balanced approach. 

Here is a list of some of the issues NFFE-IAM members will be lobbying on next week:

NFFE Issue Position Papers 2013:

–  Furloughs and Sequestration

–  Federal Pay Freeze and Cuts

–  Federal Workforce Retirement Security

–  Eliminating Union Official Time

–  Social Security Fairness for Feds

–  Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act

–  Domestic Partner Benefits

–  VA Collective Bargaining

–  Federal Firefighter Pay Equity Act

For more information on these issues and others go to

I want to thank all the Locals that are sending delegates to Washington to be a part of the 2013 IAM Legislative Conference. It is going to be great week on Capitol Hill as we make our voices heard on the issues so important to us all.

In Solidarity,

Randy Erwin
Legislative Director