Union Membership Pays Off: NFFE Member Wins Job, Backpay, Interest, Benefits!


Are you a long-time employee who has always been told you were doing a good job? You think you have job security, but do you really? Consider the recent case of a Forest Service member at Golconda Civilian Conservation Corps Center. He had worked at Golconda for more than 10 years, always had good ratings and gotten awards, never received any kind of discipline or warning at all. Suddenly he found himself investigated and then fired for what amounted to co-worker gossip and hearsay, much of it going back years. 

Because the employee was a NFFE member, he was entitled to union assistance and he got it, first from NFFE Local 1840 and then from NFFE HQ. NFFE’s legal team handled the arbitration of his removal and methodically destroyed the Agency’s shoddy case. A labor arbitrator ruled 100% for NFFE and the employee, ordering him reinstated to his position at Golconda with full backpay, benefits, and interest. NFFE’s excellent litigation was noted in the FEDSMILL labor blog.

NFFE local leaders Brooks Hayden and Kristi Caudel brought this case to NFFE HQ’s attention and assisted with representation up until the arbitration stage. “Our Local and the NFFE Legal team did a great job getting this employee the justice he deserved” said Brooks Hayden. “This case truly demonstrates the value of NFFE membership.”

NFFE members have job security. Other federal employees in the Golconda employee’s situation would have to hire a labor lawyer for $25,000 or more to try and overturn an unjust firing. NFFE members receive this representation for free. Tell your co-workers, they could be next! Get them to join NFFE today!