Urged by NFFE, Threatening Provisions Removed from FY18 NDAA


NFFE and our coalition partners have claimed a victory in combatting proposed legislation that would strip federal employees of their rights and benefits. We successfully urged the removal of language and provisions from the Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that posed a threat to federal employees.

We have ensured that provisions will not be included which would have forced the conversion of all Department of Defense General Schedule employees to Term employees. If passed, these provisions would have undercut worker protections, inciting a mass departure of Department of Defense employees, handicapping the department’s ability to recruit talent, and creating a precarious and potentially dangerous environment where the military readiness of the department could be compromised.

In addition, we successfully removed language that endangered civil service protections. The original act would have converted civilian employees from Title V to Title X, effectively stripping them of most of their due process rights.

The successful defense of these protections shows our unwavering commitment to protecting the rights of our members and all federal employees. 

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