Veterans Day Message from NFFE National President Randy Erwin

vets day
Brothers and Sisters,

This Veterans Day, please join me in honoring those who served and those who continue to serve in uniform defending the country from all threats foreign and domestic.  To all of our military service men and women, whether active, retired, deployed or at home, you have our utmost respect and admiration.  Today, it is the duty of all Americans to reflect upon and recognize the sacrifices that veterans and their families have made so that we may enjoy the many freedoms protected by their good works.

For the last 102 years, NFFE proudly led the fight on behalf of veterans in Congress, in the Executive Branch, and in the media.  From NFFE’s earlier work promoting protected hiring and employment status with public and private employers, to our current day struggles to uphold America’s promise to provide for veterans’ physical health and psychological well-being, NFFE will never stop fighting.  Our fight represents a scared bond between NFFE-IAM members and all veterans, and we celebrate that bond through our efforts every day, not just on Veterans Day.

I encourage everyone to reach out to a veteran in your life to send a special thanks.  If you see someone on the street wearing a symbol of his or her military service, say Thank You.  These small tokens of appreciation often go a very long way.  If you are a veteran, please enjoy your day today as a marker for a job well done.  

With great respect,
Randy Erwin
National President