NFFE: Agreement to Reopen Government Welcomed, ‘Never Let This Happen Again!’



Contact: Brittany Holder

Phone: 202-216-4424

Washington, D.C. – Today, NFFE National President Randy Erwin responds to the announcement by President Trump to temporarily reopen the full government while negotiations continue on other fronts:

“On behalf of 800,000 federal workers and their families, and an additional untold number of contactors, businesses owners, and state and local governments across the country, I am relieved that a temporary agreement is in the works to reopen the full government, albeit through February 15th.

This shutdown—which amounted to nothing more than an expensive political stunt—caused irreparable harm to working families across the country and to the American economy as a whole.  Federal workers and others have resorted to selling their possessions, and many have defaulted on loans and mortgages in order to afford heat, medicine, and food.

These 34 days will serve as a shameful chapter in American history; one characterized by a massive failure by our nation’s leaders who callously turned their backs on more than a million working families over a political stunt in which these families had no stake or fault.  History and the electorate will not reflect kindly on this moment.           

I call upon the Congress and the White House to work hard over the next few weeks to resolve their differences to prevent another devastating shutdown from happening again.  I call upon all who were party to causing this shutdown to reflect deeply on the pain and anguish you instigated and unleashed upon innocent Americans.  You are responsible for this pain and anguish whether you acknowledge it or not.  

It is my hope that government administrators can issue back pay quickly next week, before the next scheduled pay date, so that federal families can get their lives back in order.  

Finally, I want to thank the individuals, nonprofits, and businesses that supported federal workers during the shutdown with food, discounts, and other necessities.  I was heartened to witness the reach and vitality of the American people to help others overcome this adversity despite the failures of our national leadership to do the same.”