Young Federal Leaders


Who We Are

NFFE’s Young Federal Leaders initiative is more than an effort to recruit new young workers – it is a movement aimed at transforming our union forever.

YFL seeks to recognize and challenge young leaders in the federal government by offering education, mentorship, and leadership opportunities for its members. NFFE is proud to partner with the IAMAW to connect young workers throughout the labor movement – we are, of course, stronger together. Click here for more information on the IAMAW’s Young Machinists program.

Together we will ensure our union’s future by becoming a more nimble and creative presence within the labor movement.

What We Do

YFL seeks to energize, educate, and empower young federal workers to take on leadership roles within their workplace and union. Here are just a few of YFL's activites: Check out our brochure!

  • Lobby Elected Officials on Issues Impacting Young Workers and Families
  • Mentorship with Current NFFE Leaders
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Political Action on Legislative and Electoral Campaigns

Check Out Our Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan seeks to communicate both the scope and aim of the Young Federal Leaders initiative as well as provide guidance and instruction for union leaders and young workers who are eager to cultivate this new program at the local level.

NFFE National cannot ensure the success of this program alone; it will take the commitment and hard work of every member, every local, every council, and every union leader.

Together we will take responsibility for our union’s success by actively shaping the young workers who will lead it into an unchartered but exciting future.

Take the first step toward creating a better future for your fellow federal employees - read the plan today!

Click Here to Read the YFL Strategic Plan

YFL Mentorship Program

Our union is extremely fortunate to have some of the most experienced and dedicated representatives in the labor movement. As the workforce ages and a new generation of leaders takes the reins, however, we risk losing the decades of institutional knowledge that has helped make our union great.

NFFE’s YFL initiative is working to connect our network of experienced union brothers and sisters with a new generation of enthusiastic young workers.

Become a Mentor - Find a Mentor

Order YFL Materials

Did you know that you can order FREE YFL materials for your Local? Just send an email saying which materials you want, how many, and what address to ship it to, and we'll send it out ASAP.

Want to Learn More?

Interested in learning more about the opportunities available to you and your friends through the Young Federal Leaders program? Contact NFFE Business Representative Amy Burns at or (202) 288-6767.

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