Members of Local 1765 at the Eisenhower VA Medical Center Hold Swearing-in Ceremony for New Executive Board

VA Council President Jeff Shapiro Swears In Local 1765 President Wanda Sterbenz and the Executive Board.
VA Council President Jeff Shapiro Swears In Local 1765 President Wanda Sterbenz and the Executive Board.

November 9, 2022

Last month, members of Local 1765 at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Medical Center in Leavenworth, Kansas conducted a swearing-in ceremony for the local’s recently elected Executive Board. Occupational Therapist Wanda Starbenz was formally sworn in as President of Local 1765, along with her team of elected officers.

“Recently, our Local has been making a significant transition to increasing membership and growing the participation of the members in the union, either by serving as officers or on committees,” said Sterbenz. “Many members have stepped forward to assist with leading and growing this union. It is most exciting to see our Brothers and Sisters learn more about NFFE and the Machinists, including where the unions have been, and their mission of protecting workers and holding VA management to the terms of negotiated contracts. I am honored to be elected President of this local and very grateful for my fellow NFFE VA Brothers and Sisters throughout the U.S.A. who continue to assist me in learning more about how to serve the members of this local.”

Before and after the swearing in ceremony, which took place in the Norman Schwarzkopf conference room, employees had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss union goals with President Sterbenz, NFFE National Organizing Director Ethan West, and NFFE VA Council President Jeffrey Shapiro. West gave a brief speech thanking all the members and Local officials for volunteering and giving their time out of their busy schedules to hold the successful event. He also encouraged all the new local leaders to take advantage of union training through the VA Council, as well as at the IAM Winpinsinger Training Center. The event led to several employees joining their colleagues as new NFFE members after being inspired by the solidarity shown throughout the day.

“I am proud to be part of a union where folks feel so strongly about the mission of our organization that they volunteer their time to take on leadership roles,” said West. “I am especially thankful for Wanda and her Executive Board team who have given so much effort to revitalizing this local, and for Jeff and the rest of the VA council for supporting Wanda and her team. I am really excited to see what the future holds for this local. There’s nothing more rewarding in a career than supporting your colleagues and creating an awesome place to come to work every day. I encourage everyone to continue to think of each other as Brothers and Sisters in solidarity and not just coworkers. That is the principle of how NFFE operates and prospers: Solidarity.”