IAMAW Grand Lodge Announces Dues Structure for 2023

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The IAMAW Grand Lodge has announced a new per capita tax rate for Local Lodges for 2023, raising NFFE member dues by $2.56 per pay period starting next year. Minimum dues payments for 2022 were set at $29.82 and will now be $32.38, as detailed in this letter from NFFE National Secretary-Treasurer Dave Stamey.

The new dues structure will go into effect the first full pay period of January 2023, meaning the dues increase will be reflected on members’ paychecks beginning on January 1, 2023. Local Lodges will begin to be assessed the new per capita tax rate and will be responsible for payment of the new rate at that time.

Please be advised that each Local Lodge must contact the appropriate management official(s) for their respective agency in a timely manner to notify them of this change. Local Lodges are welcome to increase dues to an amount greater than the minimum dues rate.

“Thank you to each and every one of NFFE’s dedicated dues-paying members,” said NFFE Secretary-Treasurer Dave Stamey. “Your contributions are vital to our important mission of fighting for your rights and benefits. Continuing to be an active NFFE member and encouraging your co-workers join the NFFE family allows us to be a more powerful voice in Congress and at the bargaining table. NFFE is poised to accomplish many significant goals in 2023 because of the support from you, and your Sisters and Brothers of this union.”