Announcing NFFE’s 2020 Organizing Donation Program


NFFE Leaders,

Early this year, NFFE’s national leadership team convened at the William W. Winpisinger Center for its annual Strategic Organizing Plan Review meeting. Representatives from NFFE’s national office, including myself and National Secretary-Treasurer David Stamey, our team of National Business Representatives, members of the National Executive Committee, as well as council and local lodge officials worked together to update our strategy to grow NFFE.

In evaluating NFFE’s 2017 – 2019 Local Organizing and Recruitment Donation Program, it was clear that the program has led to substantial membership gains for NFFE. While the organizing donation program has been just one aspect of NFFE’s overall organizing plan, it was a key part of it, and the positive results spoke for themselves. In calendar years 2017 – 2019, NFFE achieved 9.3% net growth, making our Union one of the fastest growing Unions in this country.

Because NFFE’s Local Organizing and Recruitment Donation Program has been so successful, NFFE’s National Executive Council (NEC) reauthorized the donation program for 2020. As was the case this year, in 2020, Locals that choose to participate will be eligible to receive a $80 organizing donation from NFFE National at year end for every net new member it puts on throughout the year. Local Lodges must opt in and comply with several simple program requirements in order to participate.  

In addition to this, NFFE will continue to pay eligible Local Lodges $20 for every new member that is signed up and initiated. Local Lodges must comply with several requirements in order to be eligible for these payments for initiations.  

Please find attached a memorandum explaining the 2020 donation program, a document spelling out the rules of the program, an enrollment form (for Locals to fill out and submit to NFFE by close of business on Friday, October 16, 2020), and a handy checklist for Locals to use in making sure they have met all the necessary criteria to opt in.

If your local is interested in working to grow its membership with support from NFFE’s National Office, please contact your Local Lodge’s National Business Representative or reach out to NFFE National Organizing Director Ethan West (240-979-8446 or We will be happy to work with you to help grow your Local Lodge.

As one of the fastest growing Unions in the country, it’s no doubt that NFFE, its leaders, and members are steadfastly committed to strengthening the voice of every federal employee by growing our Union. We cannot do the important work of standing up for federal employees on Capitol Hill and at the bargaining table without your support. Join us today in organizing to make your voice heard!

Randy Erwin
National President
National Federation of Federal Employees


Visit the Organizing Donation Program page to access files for this year’s program.