Two NFFE Family Members Win FEEA Scholarships: Carson Crawford and Payton Hanson

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Two NFFE family members, Carson Crawford and Payton Hanson have received college scholarships through the FEEA (Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund) Scholarship program open to NFFE members as a part of their regular membership.

Carson Crawford, whose mother and father both work for the Forest Service, will be attending Boise State University in the fall where he will be majoring in Games, Interactive Media and Mobile Technology. Carson, an Eagle Scout who has spent the last three years working the Forest Service trails, says he is “grateful for my parents support and the benefits provided through the union.”

Carson’s mother Renee (NFFE-IAM Local 1753), who is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Forest Service Council, stated, “We are so proud of Carson! His hard work and dedication have paid off. I am happy our NFFE membership has provided him with this opportunity.”

Payton Hanson, whose mother Kirsten (NFFE-IAM Local 225) works for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, will be a sophomore this fall at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Payton is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and plans to continue her education to become a CPA. “Payton is a very focused, kind, and caring young woman who has worked hard all her young life,” stated Kirsten Hanson. “She has been working since she was 15. She is highly motivated, self-sufficient, and independent. We couldn’t be prouder of her!” As a long time NFFE member, Kirsten continued, “This scholarship is another example of how my NFFE membership has helped our family.”

In existence since 1986, FEEA has offered scholarships to more than 10,000 individuals, including special scholarships to the children of federal civilian employees who died or were severely injured in the line of duty in terrorists attacks such as 9/11 and Oklahoma City, and in attacks on US Embassies and Consulates in Kenya, Tanzania, Libya, and others. Collectively, FEEA to date totals over $14 million in scholarships and champions the pursuit of higher education. Each year FEEA supports over 200 students with merit-based scholarships ranging between $1,000 and $5,000.

Dave Stamey, NFFE Secretary-Treasurer and FEEA Board Member, stated “We are very proud of our NFFE-FEEA scholarship winners and we know that great things await these wonderful young people who will make their mark in the world. The NFFE-FEEA partnership is known more for helping NFFE families get through hard times through our financial support programs. We are less known for our proactive scholarship work which makes celebrating the academic achievements of Carson and Payton that much better. We wish you the very best in your future endeavors!”