Red River Army Depot – and U.S. Soldiers – Need Your Help!


Call your Senators: Full funding for the Red River Anti-Rollover Program


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I am calling to urge you to support full funding for the Rollover Mitigation Retrofit Program as requested by the Army to perform modifications to the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV). These modifications will prevent rollovers of this vehicle which has caused injury and death to soldiers.  The Army seeks to perform these modifications at Red River Army Depot (RRAD), the Army’s premiere and only qualified HMMWV maintenance facility in the world. 

  • The House and Senate 2021 NDAA support the Army’s request for $93 Million to procure 5,421 braking and stability control systems on (HMMMWVs) and install at Red River Army Depot.
  • The House Defense Appropriations Committee partially funded this program at $34 Million which will leave thousands of vehicles unprotected needlessly risking soldiers’ lives.
  • We ask that you support House and Senate 2021 NDAA funding levels to provide $93 Million in the Senate Defense Appropriations bill for FY 2021.

In addition, the Four States Region (SW Arkansas, NE Texas, NW Louisiana, SE Oklahoma) heavily depends on RRAD for economic support. The Depot puts over $2 billion into this economy and provides over 14,00 direct and indirect jobs. This work is needed to keep jobs and these areas economically stable.

I strongly encourage you to work with Senators from other states to do the right thing by allowing Red River Army Depot to perform these modifications to save soldiers’ lives and tax-payer money!