Union Plus Scholarship Awarded to Jake Church, Son of NFFE-IAM Member from Local 2152


Jake Church, the son of Lisa Church, a NFFE-IAM member, was awarded $1,500 from the annual Union Plus Scholarship program to use toward his higher education. Jake will be attending Southwest Technical College in Utah as an automotive technology and welding double major in the fall.

Jake’s mother Lisa is a proud member of NFFE Local 2152 where she serves as Trustee and Vice President.  In an interview with NFFE staff, Lisa cited her strong union heritage and her membership in Union Plus that continues to provide opportunities and benefits for her and her family through the years.   

“My father and mother were both union members who provided me with an understanding of the benefits of organized labor,” Lisa stated.  “I have been an active member of NFFE for over 22 years, paying my dues faithfully, we are so honored to have my son, Jake, selected as a recipient of the Union Plus Scholarship for 2020.  We are so honored and humbled at the continuing blessings and benefits of Union membership.  I can honestly say that the Union Plus membership more than repays me for my union dues.”

In the essay required with the application for the scholarship program, Jake wrote “My Grandfather was a member of the Teamsters Union working for Nestle and FMC steel production industries. My mother was the president of her local Union NFFE 1933 and a Trustee and Vice President of NFFE 2152, and I watched her as she merged her local with a larger local to preserve the Bargaining Unit’s integrity.  My Mom and my Grandpa instilled in me the value of Labor and the Solidarity it brings to industry.”

Jake gained industry experience working long hours at a local automotive repair shop through the Kanab (Utah) High School work-based learning program.  He hopes to work in the automotive production field and has a long-term goal of owning a repair and welding shop.

“We are incredibly proud of Jake and wish him the very best in his future endeavors,” stated Randy Erwin, NFFE National President.  “I am also grateful for Lisa’s leadership in this Union over the past 22 years.  I am very pleased that she was able to benefit from this scholarship program for Union members and their families.”