Assistance is Available to Union Members Affected by Louisiana Flooding


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Recent and devastating floods in central and southern Louisiana have damaged over 40,000 homes, displaced tens of thousands of residents, and resulted in the deaths of 13 people. Torrential downpour over the course of several days last week led to widespread flash floods and the worst river flooding Louisiana has seen in decades. With some areas near Baton Rouge recording over 30 inches of rainfall within two days, the natural disaster has been deemed a “500-year flood.” Louisiana remains in a state of emergency, and President Obama has declared 20 Parishes to be within the disaster zone.

Alarmingly, as the ground remains unable to absorb more water, meteorologists forecast more rainfall in the affected region over the next few days. Members of NFFE Local 1904, among other members, have felt the effects of this natural disaster. NFFE realizes that members of NFFE Local 1904 and their families have suffered loss and face uncertainty, now and moving forward, and may require urgent help. NFFE stands in solidarity with all members who have suffered from natural disaster, and is ready to provide support and assistance through this difficult time.
Several disaster relief programs are available to NFFE-IAM members, and are listed below:
The Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA), of which NFFE is a founding member, offers grants and loans for assistance. Members may apply for disaster relief by going on their website, and can find information regarding how to apply on the upper left hand corner of the web page.
Additionally, IAM has a Disaster Relief Fund, through which members and their families may apply for funds for disaster relief. Information on the processes for applying for relief may be found on their website. IAM’s Disaster Relief Guidelines, and instructions for how to apply for disaster relief funds, are accessible here.
Finally, NFFE-IAM urges that all members review this American Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Plan, so members and their families can best prepare a plan of action if disaster strikes.

When disaster strikes, we offer a helping hand to our sisters and brothers in need

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