Join the NFFE VA Lawsuit Now

In November 2019, NFFE-IAM joined with Snider & Associates, LLC, to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of the Registered Nurses (RN) at Northport VA Medical Center in Northport, New York, who were forced to work through their 30-minute unpaid meal period to staffing shortages and workload. Snider & Associates is a law firm that primarily represents unions and employees with special expertise in federal sector labor and employment law matters.
The lawsuit alleges that the VA violated federal law, rule and regulation by inducing Registered Nurses (I, II, and/or III) to work through their unpaid meal period without providing them additional compensation of overtime pay or compensatory time.

NFFE-IAM understands the frustration and anger many RNs at the Department of Veterans Affairs are and have experienced which is why we invite any RN who had to work through their unpaid meal period for at least 15 of the 30 minutes sometime within the last six-years at ANY VAMC to join a similar case to the one filed on behalf of employees of the Northport VAMC. The case can be open to current and past VA employees. There is no requirement that you still be employed by the VA so long as your claim is less than six years old. There is no cost to do so. For more information about the case or to join please visit After receipt of the form, someone from the firm will contact you to discuss your claim further. 

You will not automatically be added to this lawsuit, you must affirmatively join the case via the website and documentation with Snider & Associates. Your fellow bargaining unit members who are not NFFE members can join as well. However, the time for them to stand on the sidelines and let you shoulder the burden of representing them is over. We are in the fight of our lives. When telling non-members about the case, please ask them to join the fight by joining NFFE. The form to join can be found here. Give it to them, ask them to fill it out and send it to