Shutdown-averting Discussions Break Down

Tell Congress to Stop 'Schedule F'
Tell Congress to Stop 'Schedule F'
While the Senate passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund remaining federal departments and agencies through February 8, 2019, discussion in the House broke down among the Republican caucus.  House GOP leaders are trying to find a way to include $5 billion for a border wall and also include an unspecified amount for financial assistance to southern states that were hit by several natural disasters in 2018.

If House GOP leaders find a way to fund both endeavors in the CR, the question remains, will a “loaded” CR pass the full House and then survive a vote in the Senate.  And, all of this must be done before late Friday night to beat the furlough that kicks in on Saturday morning.

NFFE is advising its members to prepare for the worst and make any necessary financial preparations in case future paychecks are delayed or are received in diminished amounts if a furlough continues for any significant length of time.  Federal agencies are preparing communications to employees for agency-specific information.  OPM offers these Q&A’s for more detailed information about furloughs due to a government shutdown, and has additional resources on administrative furlough guidance.  

NFFE is working with Congress to keep federal employees on payroll during the holidays.  NFFE will keep you informed as events unfold over the next 24 hours.  In the meantime, visit the our website to tell Congress to get the job done.