Washington Post — Congress to consider plight of temps with ‘1039 appointments’


With all of the right jabs aimed at the pay of federal employees in recent weeks, you might not realize the lengths Uncle Sam will go to avoid fully compensating some members of his staff.

Among those are staffers with the infamous “1039 appointments.”

These workers, often in the lower pay grades, serve Sam faithfully, year after year after year, but only for 1,039 hours a year. That’s one hour short of six months, and it allows Sam to classify them as temporary employees. And that means they don’t get fringe benefits and certainly have no job security.

Congress will consider their plight at a hearing Wednesday before the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on the federal workforce.

Subcommittee members will hear about situations like those confronting Lawrence Shippen and Susan Forbes… click here to continue to full article.