Welcome to NFFE.org: New Website Training Now Available!


NFFE Communications is proud to announce the release of a new, comprehensive virtual tour of the national website, www.nffe.org. The training is available to both members and non-members so that every federal worker can see the value of union representation.

Seen here, the presentation takes viewers on a virtual tour of the website, showing them how to make the most of the many valuable resources it provides. Viewers learn how to get NFFE e-news, tap into their member benefits, connect with us on Facebook, keep up to date on the latest impacting federal workers, access dozens of organizing and representational trainings, and much more.

“The national website is an essential tool for providing quality representation to our members,” said NFFE Communications Director Cory Bythrow. “I encourage every NFFE officer, steward, and member to utilize this valuable resource to our benefit and the benefit all federal employees.”

Click here to take the virtual tour of www.nffe.org .