Below you will find links to all NFFE Legislative News Stories, Press Releases, Action Alerts, Coalition Letters and Letters to Congress.

10/1/20 Press Release: Van Hollen, Cardin Introduce Resolution Recognizing Contributions of Federal Workers and the National Federation of Federal Employees

9/21/20 NFFE Teams Up with Bipartisan Senate Effort to Update Emergency TeleWork Act

9/10/20 NFFE Defends VA Psychologists; Sends Letter Opposing Section 504 of the COMPACT Act

9/8/2020 Press Release: Trump Payroll Tax ‘Loan’ Not Optional, nor is Repaying in 2021 (PDF)

9/8/20 Guidance on the Trump Payroll Tax Loan and Repayment: What you need to know!

7/29/20 NFFE Alert! Full funding for the Red River Anti-Rollover Program

7/23/20 Press Release: House NDAA Fixes Fed Parental Leave, Protects Bargaining; Silent on 2021 Fed Raise Despite NFFE-IAM & Oversight Objections

7/14/20 Press Release: NFFE Praises House Panel for Parental Leave Fix, and Enforcing Collective Bargaining Laws for Union Feds

6/25/20 Federal Workers Alliance Letter to House Subcommittee on Government Operations Urging Protection For Federal Employees During COVID-19 Pandemic

6/19/20 NFFE-IAM and Senator Cory Booker Join Forces to Sound Alarm on New Jersey VA Medical Centers

6/9/20 NFFE Letter to House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs requesting information on the effectiveness of protecting federal workers and patients at the VA during the COVID-19 pandemic.

6/1/20 Federal Workers Alliance Letter to President Trump expressing concerns over the Administration’s response to the pandemic and its responsibilities to the safety of federal workers.

5/29/20 Press Release: NFFE Opposes Senate Bill to Undercut VA Medical and Mental Health Services via a ‘Secret’ Grant Program

5/19/20 Tell Your Senators to Pass H.R. 6800 (The HEROES Act) to Provide Financial Relief to Federal Workers!

5/8/20 NFFE Secures Bipartisan Senate Letter to Trump Administration to Use Existing Authorities to Help Feds

4/6/20 NFFE President Randy Erwin Co-hosts Teleconference with U.S. Senators and Unions to Plan COVID-19 Next Steps

2/21/20 Press Release: NFFE President Erwin Cheers Bipartisan Effort to Fix Federal Worker Paid Parental Leave

2/13/20 Trump Shows True Colors about Dislike of Feds Through FY 2021 White House Budget Proposal

12/19/19 What a Week! Big Wins, Strange Defeats, a Pay Raise, And a Bill to Fund the Government for FY 2020

12/12/19 OPM-GSA Merger Stopped in Congress, Is NFFE a Trump-Whisperer?

12/10/19 Press Release: NFFE President Erwin Implores Congress to Pass Paid Parental Leave for Federal Workers in 2020 NDAA

12/9/19 NFFE Brings 12 Week Parental Leave to Vote; Shutdown and Pay Loom

11/21/19 Shutdown Averted

11/19/19 Shutdown Update

9/27/19 Press Release: Federal Employees Union Outraged by President Trump’s Thinly Veiled Threats of Retribution to Whistleblowers

9/24/19 Press Release: Federal Workers Rally to ‘Stop Political Attacks’ on America’s Public Servants

9/12/19 House Ready to Avoid Shutdown on Oct. 1; Pay Increase Looking Better for 2020; NFFE Moves Fed Bills

8/2/19 Senate Passes Two-year Budget Agreement to Raise Debt Ceiling and Spending Caps

6/20/19 Press Release: NFFE and Allies Convince Administration to Save Federal Job Corps Program and Avoid Biggest Federal Layoff in Decade

6/5/19 After Much Advocacy, House Subcommittee Calls for 3.1% Pay Bump for Feds in 2020

6/4/19 Press Release: U.S. House and Senate Act to Stop Job Training Centers Closures

5/17/19 NFFE-IAM Members Storm Capitol Hill; Blanket Offices with Issue Papers

4/19/19 Most Federal Employees Finally Get Pay Adjustment for 2019

3/29/19 NFFE Pushes for Pay Raise Order, Finally Arrives

3/11/19 PR: Gutting of Federal Workers’ Pay and Retirement in Trump Budget a ‘Race to the Bottom’ for All Americans

2/20/19 NFFE Persistence in Congress Lands 2019 Pay Increase

2/15/19 Press Release: NFFE President Responds to Shutdown Being Averted

2/13/19 Press Release: NFFE to Trump: Put Pen to Paper and Sign the Bipartisan Deal to Avert a Shutdown

2/1/19 Senate Majority Leader Fights Against Another Shutdown, Pushes for Agreement with House

1/29/19 NFFE Letter supporting 2.6 percent pay increase for federal employees

1/25/19 Press Release: NFFE: Agreement to Reopen Government Welcomed, ‘Never Let This Happen Again!’

1/23/19 Press Release: NFFE President Erwin Arrested Alongside Federal Labor Leaders and Furloughed Federal Employees Following ‘Occupy Hart’ Protest

1/17/19 Press Release: NFFE to Senate Leadership: Call the Vote to End the Shutdown!

1/14/19 NFFE Leads the Fight for Feds at Rallies, on Capitol Hill, and in Media Across the World

1/11/19 PR: New Union Lawsuit Against Government over Shutdown

1/8/19 Federal Worker Rally and March to the White House

1/4/19 Shutdown Update: NFFE to Rally with Labor on Thursday at White House to End Shutdown

12/24/18 President Erwin Discusses Shutdown Impact on CNN

12/23/18 Shutdown Update – Congress Leaves for Holidays

12/21/18 Press Release: Congress and White House Accept Partial Shutdown

12/21/18 Shutdown Begins at Midnight Friday – What Members Need to Know

12/20/18 Shutdown-averting Discussions Break Down

12/14/18 Tell Congress: No Shutdown! Do your job!

12/7/18 NFFE Member Update: Shutdown Threat Pushed Back to Dec. 21st

9/28/18 President Erwin Huddles with House Leadership to Set 2019 Congressional Agenda for Federal Employees

9/27/18 Down to the Last Few Minutes to Sign a Continuing Resolution…Once Again

9/7/18 Call, then Send a Letter to Congress: No Pay Freeze!

8/12/18 NFFE and IAM Fighting to Save Hundreds of Red River Army Depot Jobs

7/20/18 Congress Unleashes on Feds: Pay Increase Denied; Weakens Due Process, Protections Against Political Corruption

5/28/18 NFFE Fights OPM Attempt to Poison 2019 NDAA; VA Privatization Bill Flies through Congress

5/23/18 NFFE NDAA Coalition Letter to the House

5/18/18Tell Your Senators to Vote ‘No’ on Gutting the VA

5/15/18 NFFE Press Release on VA Mission Act

5/15/18 NFFE Letter to House-Senate on VA Mission Act

5/11/18 NFFE-IAM Storms Capitol Hill for Federal Workers

4/27/18 OMB’s Mulvaney Fumbles in Congress to Explain Need for FY 2019 Pay Freeze; NFFE Supports Pay Increase on Federal Salary Council

4/25/18 Legislative Conference Draws NFFE-IAM Union Members to Capitol Hill to Fight for Their Rights

3/28/18 Feds Win! FY 2018 Funding Signed into Law; Now, NFFE Takes the Fight to FY 2019

3/23/18 POTUS Signs FY18 Funding Bill, Finally

3/23/18 FY 2018 Funding Bill Passes; Trump Plays Games

3/17/18 Current CR Ends Friday; NFFE Fights Anti-Fed Provisions in Omnibus

2/14/18 Feds Under Fire: Trump Budget Policy Hits Hard for No Reason

2/12/18 NFFE-IAM 2018 Legislative Conference May 7-9th

2/9/18 Press Release:Government Open, Budget Caps Raised; Time to Govern

2/7/18 UPDATE: Thursday Midnight Shutdown Possible

1/31/18 Press Release: NFFE Supports FAIR Act Pay and Locality Increase

1/25/18 Shutdown Fever in Congress: What We Know

1/25/18 Pay and Benefits Coming Under Attack by White House

1/22/18 Press Release:House and Senate Vote to Reopen Government

1/19/18 Friday Midnight Shutdown Becoming Likely

1/9/18 As January 19 Government Funding Deadline Looms, NFFE Fights: ‘Hands-off Fed Workers’ Pay and Benefits’

12/22/17 Congress Passes Short Term CR

12/7/17 Congress to Feds: Holiday Shutdown? Bah Humbug

12/1/17 Press Release:Warning: Two Year Probation Bill Could Destroy Executive Branch Accountability

11/30/17 Government Shutdown Update

11/21/17 NFFE Fights Against Extended Probation Bill in the House

11/21/17 House Pubs Look to Expand Failing VA Workforce Law

11/13/17 Joint Union Letter Opposing VA Accountability Act

11/1/17 Unions Prevail! Federal Benefits Safe…For Now

10/25/17 Say ‘NO’ to Federal Pay and Benefits Cuts; House and Senate to Vote on Budget

10/3/17 Congress Eyes Fed Benefits Cuts in Budget Resolution

9/13/17 NFFE Legislative Action Alert on NDAA

9/13/17 United DoD Workers Coalition (UDWC) NDAA Letter

9/13/17 Federal Workers Alliance NDAA Letter

9/3/17 Joint union letter opposing air traffic controller privatization 

7/27/17 NFFE and Coalition Partners Show Strength on Capitol Hill

7/21/17 Press Release: NFFE Promotes Federal Pension Fairness Act to Help Feds, and State and Local Economies

7/17/17 NFFE Continues Fight Against Air Traffic Control Privatization

6/28/17 House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Holds Day-Long Markup Hearing on Chairman Shuster’s AIRR Act (H.R. 2997)

6/28/17 House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Holds Day-Long Markup Hearing on Chairman Shuster’s AIRR Act (H.R. 2997)

6/22/17 Press Release:NFFE Strongly Opposes the Dangerous and Profiteering AIRR Act that Would Privatize Air Traffic Control and Air Travel Safety

6/19/17 Urged by NFFE, House Democrats Deliver Letter to Leadership Opposing Cuts to Federal Employee Retirement

6/17/17 Urged by NFFE, Threatening Provisions Removed from FY18 NDAA

6/14/17 Press Release: NFFE Responds to Congress Passing VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act: “Weakening Employee Protections Will Not Make the VA More Accountable”

6/10/17 Koch Brothers Aim to Strip Protections from Federal Employees Starting with the VA, Then at All Government Agencies

6/2017 NFFE-IAM Opposes the Privatization of the Air Traffic Control System

5/23/17 Press Release: Gutting of Federal Workers’ Retirement in Trump Budget Represents a ‘Race to the Bottom’ for All Americans

5/16/17 Press Release: Federal Union Responds to VA Accountability Bill: Low Standard for Misconduct Would Open VA Employees to Political Witch Hunts

5/16/17 Joint Union Letter opposing Air Traffic Control System

5/5/17 Press Release: Federal Union Responds to Trump Calling for Government Shutdown

5/1/17 Down to the Last Day – Shutdown Averted

4/28/17 Press Release: NFFE President Speaks on Congress Averting a Shutdown

4/11/17 Senate Democrats Introduce Bill to Provide Back Pay in Event of Government Shutdown

4/7/17 Update on the Official Time Reform Act HR 1364

3/31/17 Prepare for a Possible Government Shutdown

3/28/17 Trump Administration Proposes over $6 billion in Cuts to HUD Budget

3/17/17 Trump Proposes Draconian Cuts in Fiscal Year 2018 Budget

3/13/17 NFFE Alert: Call Your Congressional Rep. to Oppose HR 1259 – A Bill to Gut Due Process at VA

3/13/17 NFFE Letter Opposing HR 1259

3/10/17 NFFE Strongly Opposes the VA Accountability First Act

3/7/17 Stop Congress from Attacking Federal ‘Official Time’

2/16/17 Press Release: House Panel Struggles with Official Time

2/10/17 Press Release: Parental Leave Act Comes to Term with Families

1/5/17 Press Release: NFFE Clears Path for Wildland Firefighters, Defense Workers